A tinkerer is probably the best adjective for me, I find myself eternally curious and often distracted by new and shiny things. Whether it's a new programming language/framework/library or a new toy, chances are in my spare time I can be found playing with (learning) something new. Most of my programming time is spent in Ruby and that is where I am the strongest, but as a tinkerer, I enjoy trying to solve problems in other languages such as Elixir and JavaScript. In fact, this site was built with Elixir, Phoenix and JavaScript. Overkill, I know. :)

If I'm not programming the webbernets, I've been known to hack and clone RFID tags with the Proxmark III, because spending countless hours and ~$450 on hardware sounded much more fun than paying my apartment complex $125 for a new one (shhh! Don't tell them). On a nice day you'll likely find me riding my LiteSpeed Li2 road bike for a few hours to burn off some steam; or if I'm feeling particulary lazy, you might find me binging on Netflix or playing Final Fantasy XIV with my roommate.

Nearly as much as I like learning new things, I enjoy helping others learn. Since September 2014 I've volunteered as a mentor at Galvanize to budding junior developers and found it to be extremely fulfilling, not only because I get to help them grow as developers, but because they help me grow as well. It's amazing how much I've learned through mentoring!

Something near and dear to me is the military. I spent eight years serving as an Air Traffic Controller in the U.S. Navy and had the opportunity to server in the Middle East (x2), as well as lived and served in Japan for two years. Because of this experience, I volunteer for Team Rubicon, a rapid deploy disaster response team made up of medical professionals, veterans, and first responders, who volunteer their time to deploy all over the world when disasters strike. In 2013, I had the opportunity to join Team Rubicon when massive flooding struck the Front Range in Colorado; and in 2015 was certified as a Type 2 Wildland Firefighter through the Bureau of Land Management (via Team Rubicon).

Without chatting your ear off too much, I'd say that's a brief glimpse of who I am. :) Thanks for stopping by.

Professional software developer from Denver, CO. Experienced in Ruby and in love with Elixir.

Mark Evans